The top Jersey for adults and children 220123, Minsk, Starovilenskaya St., 131

Отдел маркетинга: тел./факс: +375(17)270-15-13,
         тел.: +375(17)270-25-50
Приемная: тел./факс: +375(17)270-39-10,
         тел.: +375(17)270-36-84,

     To further stimulate buyer activity in the original network is constantly discount program Potrebitel Card and AutoHELP with additional discounts when buying in amount of 3%. Information can be obtained at the box office in the store.

   Since 16.01.2015, there has been a Provision on discounts for wholesale buyers, wholesale bases of the Republic of Belarus, large retail chains.

     Great new year offer for decisive tenants! You should hurry up!
     From December 15, 2017, tenants of the office, or premises for production, or warehouse (and you can all together), are offered additional rental discounts up to 50% for a period of 3 to 6 months!