The top Jersey for adults and children 220123, Minsk, Starovilenskaya St., 131

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         тел.: +375(17)270-25-50
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    Open joint stock company "Alesya" is one of the enterprises of the knitwear industry, included in the group "Bellegprom".

   The emergence of the company is due to the development of the knitting industry in Belarus. The establishment of knitting mills began 20.06.1958, when artel "shining path" was renamed to artel "Red trikotazhnykh".

   With 01.07.1961 g. in connection with the merger of the factories to them. Krupskaya and "Red trikotazhnykh" factory renamed them. Krupskaya.

   With 03.08.1962 in connection with the merger of the factories to them. Krupskaya and "Progress" the factory was renamed as "Progress". This is the historical date of formation of the enterprise. We have installed equipment from 1948-1950 years.

   With 12.05.1975 city knitting factory "Progress" was renamed into Minsk production knitwear Association "Progress".

   Since 01.04.1986 in connection with reorganization of mpto "Progress" - the enterprise is renamed into the Minsk skilled and experimental factory of the top Jersey.

   With 20.11.1986 Minskaya experimental knitwear factory was renamed as the Republican House jerseys.

   Since 16.04.1991 the status of the Republican house of models of knitted products with its renaming in the Minsk industrially-trade knitted firm "Alesya" which since October 31, 2000 is transformed to JSC Alesya has changed.

   All production of the enterprise is made on HS CODES, conforms to the international quality standards and is made according to requirements of STB ISO 9001 – 2001.

   All production is certified in Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, completely conforms to modern requirements of hygiene, and its export out of borders of Republic of Belarus is provided with a necessary set of documents.

   The company saved the part of the social infrastructure: recreation Chabarok in p. Radashkovichi, a youth hostel on 500 places.